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Architetto e interior designer

Paola Faroldi

An experienced designer with a keen eye for detail and a highly creative mind, Paola is the artistic heart of our team. She loves playing with colors and experimenting with high-quality materials to create spaces that are not just seen, but felt. Paola is passionate about listening to people and transforming the most abstract ideas into tangible and welcoming realities, where everyone can find their own personalized space.

Architetto e Artista 3D

Marco Moruzzi

When it comes to bringing our projects to life, Marco is our 3D visualization expert. With his ability to transform drawings and concepts into realistic and detailed images, Marco allows both us and our clients to envision the future of our designs. Thanks to his passion for technology and his skill in managing complex modeling software, Marco creates renderings that showcase the designed spaces in every comprehensible detail.

Interior e Graphic designer

Silvia Craviari

After graduating in architecture, Silvia specialized in adding a unique visual touch to every project through graphic design. With an exceptional eye for composition and an unfailing sense of design, she creates graphic elements that enhance and complete our architectural projects. Whether it's layouts, branding, or conceptual visualizations, Silvia consistently brings a level of depth and professionalism that makes each of our works truly unique.

The team thrives in a collaborative and harmonious environment. For complex projects, we eagerly partner with other architecture firms and experts from various disciplines, including engineers, HVAC specialists, surveyors, and more.

We oversee every phase of the project and construction process, from feasibility studies to the final handover of the completed spaces to our clients. Our services include supporting clients through all bureaucratic procedures, managing relationships with contractors and craftsmen, coordinating technical teams, and advising on the selection of furniture, lighting, and materials.

Il team.

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